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    The Essential Guide to Reaching the Law Society of Alberta

    Law Society Alberta plays role regulating profession province. As lawyer member public, important contact society various seeking assistance, complaints, obtaining about profession Alberta.

    Contact Information

    Contact Information
    Main Office Suite 800, 444 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8
    Phone (403) 229-4700
    Email General Inquiries:

    Statistics on Legal Professionals in Alberta

    As of 2021, there are over 10,000 active lawyers and 1,500 articling students in Alberta, according to the Law Society of Alberta. Legal in continues grow, a demand legal services.

    Case Study: Resolution Law Society

    John Smith, a resident of Alberta, recently faced a legal dispute with a contractor. Reached Law Society Alberta guidance resolve matter. With the help of the society`s information and resources, John was able to navigate the legal process and reach a successful resolution with the contractor.

    Final Thoughts

    The Law Society of Alberta serves as a crucial resource for both legal professionals and the public. Whether you`re a lawyer in need of support or a citizen seeking legal guidance, knowing how to contact the society is essential. Society`s to highest of profession Alberta truly commendable.


    Top 10 Legal about Law Society of Alberta Contact

    Question Answer
    1. How can I contact the Law Society of Alberta? The Law Society of Alberta Contacted phone 1-800-661-9003 email Also physical located Calgary visits.
    2. What the Law Society Alberta? The Law Society of Alberta regulates the legal profession in the province to ensure that lawyers meet high standards of professionalism and competence. Also complaints lawyers oversee education practice requirements.
    3. Can the Law Society of Alberta provide legal advice? No, Law Society Alberta provide legal public. Role regulate govern profession, offer services individuals.
    4. How I file complaint lawyer Law Society Alberta? If complaint lawyer Alberta, submit written complaint Law Society Alberta. Review complaint conduct investigation necessary.
    5. What process reporting practice law Law Society Alberta? If become someone practicing law license Alberta, report Law Society Alberta. They take unauthorized practice of law very seriously and will investigate any reported incidents.
    6. How Law Society Alberta handle actions lawyers? When the Law Society of Alberta receives a complaint against a lawyer, they will conduct an investigation and if necessary, hold a disciplinary hearing. If the lawyer is found to have breached the rules of professional conduct, the Law Society has the authority to impose sanctions and penalties.
    7. Are lawyers members Law Society Alberta? Yes, in order to practice law in Alberta, lawyers must be members in good standing of the Law Society of Alberta. This includes meeting education and practice requirements, adhering to ethical standards, and paying annual dues.
    8. Can the Law Society of Alberta help me find a lawyer for my legal issue? While the Law Society of Alberta does not provide legal referrals, they do have a searchable directory of all lawyers licensed to practice in the province. Can use online directory find lawyer specializes area law need with.
    9. How does the Law Society of Alberta support access to justice initiatives? The Law Society of Alberta is committed to promoting access to justice for all Albertans. They support legal aid programs, pro bono legal services, and initiatives to improve the affordability and availability of legal services for those in need.
    10. What are the contact details for the Law Society of Alberta`s complaints department? If you need to file a complaint against a lawyer or inquire about the complaints process, you can contact the Complaints Department of the Law Society of Alberta by phone at 1-800-661-9003 or by email at


    Law Society of Alberta Contact

    The following contract outlines the terms and conditions of engagement with the Law Society of Alberta. Review contract before with legal matters.


    Article 1 – Party Representations
    Party A, referred “the Client,” Party B, referred “the Law Society Alberta,” enter contract provision legal services.
    Article 2 – Scope Services
    The Law Society of Alberta agrees to provide legal representation, consultation, and advisory services to the Client in accordance with the laws and regulations of Alberta.
    Article 3 – Fees Billing
    The Client pay Law Society Alberta legal services timely manner accordance fee schedule provided Law Society Alberta.
    Article 4 – Confidentiality
    Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information and documentation exchanged during the course of the engagement, in accordance with the laws and ethical standards of the legal profession.
    Article 5 – Governing Law
    This contract governed construed accordance laws province Alberta, regard conflicts laws principles.
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